My Closet Organization: The Perfect Hanger

Today I am sharing about closet organization, in particularly how I organize my skirts. I always enjoy getting tips and ideas from closet blog posts and hope that you do to.

About a year or so ago I switched over all of my hangers to slimline velvet hangers and I absolutely fell in love! They save so much space compared to the plastic hangers I was using. The slimline hangers I was using had the option of attaching clips (like these) to the bottom so you could hang pants and skirts. I decided not to go with this option for my bottoms because the clip seemed like it would damage the garmet. This led me on a search for the perfect pant hanger. I thad used the trouser clamp style in the past, but found that the item would usually end up falling to the ground. After trying out a couple of options I landed on the hanger pictured below. I know they have them at bed bath and beyond, however they are not on there website currently. Although,  these are very similar.  In case you didn't think it was possible for someone to get this excited about a hanger, I am here to prove you wrong. I LOVE THESE HANGERS!! They are gentle on your garments but still  provide a tight hold. They are very light weight, but can hold between 3 and 4 items. They also hang everything very evenly and neat.

I used 25 hangers in this picture below which hold 52 skirts, with each hanger holding about two skirts. (My job requires me to wear a lot of pencil skirts!) Each hanger has the capacity to hold at least one to two more skirts,  depending on the thickness of the garment.  

You may have noticed that in some pictures I have bags displayed on the shelves and in others I do not. I am undecided about which set up works.  On one hand, I LOVE the clean look without the bags, but on the other hand, the bags can add fun color and can serve as additional storage. Not sure where I will land on this one...

I am working on some upcoming posts of the other areas and components of my closet. Thanks for reading!

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  1. This is a dream! This is so organized and pretty. I love it! I really like the shopping bags as decor - nice touch! :-)


  2. They are perfect. Hurt not all Hanger factory will recognize this model to design.

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